Monday, September 27, 2004

Am I the only person alive who likes creamed corn? I'm pretty sure that I am, because I've never met anyone else who likes it. Hey, I'm not saying that I'd want to eat it every day, but if I had to, it wouldn't be the worst thing I could think of. And look, I don't profess to know what the "cream" is, nor do I care. To adapt a line from Lewis Black (although he was talking about sunscreen, not creamed corn), it could be zebra cum -- you don't know. But even if it is, then it looks like I need to get myself a pet zebra.

Dammit, something interesting has gotta happen soon. I mean, I'm posting about fucking creamed corn for Christ's sake. What are there, like, 36 days left until the election? I'd be willing to bet shit starts going down after the election, whether Team Bush wins or loses.

If by some act of Joe Pesci Kerry manages to win, look the fuck out, world. TB is going to go into "nothing to lose" mode since, well, they'll have nothing to lose. Remember how everyone got all bent out of shape when Clinton pardoned everyone? Yeah, that was nothing. See, they'll have four months to accomplish as much evil shit as they can that was originally planned to stretch out over four years.

Should they win, Team Bush is going to go into "nothing to lose" mode since, well, they've already won everything and there's nothing left for them to lose. They can then take their time anally raping this country. Nice and slow, long and hard, just the way they like it. I hope you like bleeding from the asshole, America.

As an example of what we might have to look forward to, I've been hearing rumors from the left-wing about how regardless of the election's outcome, we're going to go all-out in Iraq to quell the uprising. I don't know if anyone has any hard evidence of this supposed plan, but it sounds logical. No sense risking an assault before the election that could potentially have a negative influence as far as TB is concerned.

Now, cracking down on insurgents isn't really what I'm on about here. What will piss me off about this, if indeed it happens, is the timing. If this happens, I don't want to hear anyone on the right EVER criticize ANYONE for politicizing the Iraq war, The War Against Terror (TWAT), or anything else. Because that's exactly what a maneuver like hitting the insurgency post election would be.

But hey, at least there should be something interesting and relatively new to talk about. It most likely won't be good-interesting, but I'm trying to be as positive as I'm capable of here.

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