Friday, November 05, 2004

Here's one thing that was touched on in comments and has been getting some run in the past couple of days: talk about the so-called values voters. These are the people who would have voted for Bush anyway, but the simple genius here is just making sure that they actually get out there and do the voting. For so long, we heard that Democrats were registering new voters in record numbers, and that a high turnout on election day would only favor Kerry. Karl Rove just set to doing what he does best: tear down the opponents on their strong points, and mobilize your base. With that, the Republicans were able to cancel out any gains the Democrats were able to make in four years. Although it's not the only way to win an election, the Rove Doctrine seems damn near unbeatable. Couple Rove's philosophy with Kerry's suckitude, and R wins.

I realize that I'm preaching to the chior, but you do realize that the direction this country has taken is being driven by the most ignorant fucking ones among us, right? Homophobes (let us not forget the 11 bans on same sex marriage that passed), misogynists (..."stab a nearly born infant in the back of the head and suck its brains out..." Yeah, 'cause that's what that's about), religious nuts, gun nuts, and nationalist zealots (not patriotism, nationalism) are FedExing us straight to hell.

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