Monday, May 02, 2005

Okay, so GMail has started including brief text ads at the top of each message listing. The content of the ads, as expected, are dependent on the context of the page you're viewing. As such, when you go to look at your Spam listing (which I often do to make sure no legit e-mails have gotten thrown in there), it now always lists a Spam recipe at the top of the page as the advertisement. I don't know why it doesn't try and read the rest of the page (so I can get more ads about fake Rolexes and dick pills); I'm guessing Hormel and/or some fucking recipe site cut some kind of deal so that something related to Spam shows up no matter what.

Up until this shit started, Spam (as in mail) was just an annoyance, but now I fucking hate it. Well, it and Google. Thanks to those two shitheads, I now get to see some fucking blurb encouraging people to make things with Spam (as in food... and speech). It's fucking disgusting, and I'd really like it to stop. The last thing I want to be thinking about is the disgusting non-meat that is Spam. Here's a little sampling of what shows up now:

Spam Primavera - Toss with linguini, serve immediately

Yeah, serve immediately... Or never. Why don't we all just take a dump on our pasta and call it a day?

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