Friday, February 17, 2006

So I just read that Silk Stalkings, best show ever (or worst, you know, depending on how you look at it), has a handful of its seasons out on DVD right now. Unfortunately, all that's available at this point are the first four seasons, which means you're still firmly entrenched in Rob Testes territory. The important seasons are yet to come. Fuck, that show really should not have lasted eight seasons.

I hope this comment on IMDB was meant to be a joke:

My hobby is silk stalkings. I have taped the majority of the episodes. I will eventually tape all. I hope to see this show continue for years to come. You who work on it deserve two thumbs up, five stars and any other form of at-a-boy (girls). Thanks for giving the main enjoyment of my life.

"He's got a kick like Kwai Chang Caine."
- Dialogue from Silk Stalkings

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