Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Undiscovered Country

OK so I just can't figure out what to do with this 'blog anymore.

So what's this blog about? Bitching is pretty much the focus here. Oh, and if you're not a big fan of sarcasm, this place probably isn't for you. Not like any of this matters... I'm sure no one is going to read this crap, anyway.

That's how we got started here. Originally, the main purpose of this 'blog was to give me something to do. I was bored, working in a cube, and pretty much going nowhere in a dead-end internship that ended very embarrassingly for me, and this place was a great diversion even if I was just talking into a void.

I wasn't quite talking into a void though as the secondary purpose of this 'blog was to communicate with ETP. We lived pretty close to one another and hung out regularly, but this place was a good way to quickly share interesting links and ideas and shit. This was before we had things as retarded as Twitter. And you can see what I've done with that.

Blogging took on a whole new life however when I found out that a handful of people besides ETP and BOETP actually read this crap. That was pretty nice. Sure, it was part ego, but it was cool interacting with people I didn't even know who enjoyed the ramblings I vomited out here. Also, Google pedophiles.

Discussion of politics was big here back in the day. I was a self-proclaimed bleeding-ass liberal and I was proud of it. As time went on though I got a BMW and a gun. I still like queers and baby killing, so those penalties offset, as I covered in a recent post. But anyway, what ultimately reigns is boredom and disillusionment.

Other things have changed. ETP and BOETP have moved off to the deep South. To keep in touch we have things like Facebook. Arguably more retarded than blogging, but hey not any dumber than acid wash and it comes in handy. If I want to share something with them, that's the easiest way. Plus, Blogger doesn't have FarmVille. God, how retarded is that crap?

Retarded, but addicting. I have been trying real hard today to not plant anything new so my entire farm will be fresh and I can get all my crops in sync so I'm not harvesting a million times a day. Yeah, I know I don't have to harvest fully grown stuff immediately, but A) I have OCD and B) I can't (and really don't wanna) concentrate on anything else for more than like a minute, minute-and-a-half.

Also, I really really need to find at least an 8th neighbor. I still have just the basic 12.5x12.5 farm and as such my shit is packed tighter than a 12-year-old girl. I can't expand my growing operations and barely have room for my animals and trees and all the other things I'm gifted every day. What I'm talking about is Lebensraum, people.

You know what I find kinda interesting? Firefox's built-in spell-checker does not flag the word "Lebensraum" as some kinda misspelling. Fuckin' Open Source fascists.

Okay, so back to WTF to do here. There are current events that I've always got an opinion on, or more importantly, are pissed off about. But I never really think to blog about it at the time. Or I'm just lazy. I may break something off here in a moment though.

Quick intermission: here's a good summary of blogging in general.

Typically the only time I feel like blogging is late at night, after some drinking, and all I have on my mind is this girl my dumb ass is chasing after. That's no good, and there's no way that can end well. In fact, I have proof that it doesn't end well in the form of many a rambling draft dating back nearly a year that I either never posted or posted and then pulled when I came to my senses.

(Just FYI, I am completely sober right now and it is about 6 in the evening. Well, in the interests of full disclosure, I wrote a good deal of the stuff prior to the previous paragraph during one of those late night sessions, but A) that shit's not too horrifying and B) be glad for the nonsense I cut out that came after. And you wanna know what's really fucked up? I just added in the FarmVille rant right now, again, when I'm completely sober.)

I'll try and keep the talk of the Dreamgirl saga to a minimum. There's not a whole lot to tell on that front at the moment because there's pretty much nothing substantial going on, just our weird, mostly online pseudo-friendship. But, I am gonna see her for the first time in nearly two years this coming week. Despite my excitement over this I'm pretty sure I'm only gonna end the week more confused than I started and as such am not gonna solve her just yet. Once I finally do manage to win with her though you will all know because fire and brimstone will rain down from the fucking sky. And you can say thanks BLM, thanks for ending our lame-ass existence. But either way I am fighting the good fight. I am running the race. I am keeping the faith. Haha yeah, everyone's fucked if I'm paraphrasing the Bible. May as well just start chanting in Latin.

Alright, that's enough of that. We all know how posts go when BLM gets too personal.

On the random bullshit front it looks like I still have a tendency to overuse the words "anyway" and "though," and also to completely violate good grammar conventions by frequently starting sentences with "and" or "but."

Oh, and hey, it looks like BOETP may start blogging again and this can only be described as a good thing. Maybe that will help motivate me to start blogging at least somewhat regularly again? I guess we'll see. Buckle up. Or not; whatever.

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