Thursday, May 08, 2003

After reading this article, I think it's time to do the list. Who's really in charge of this fucking counttry?


I know this list is bigger, but these are the names I can think of immediately at the top of my head. Naturally, Bush is not in there, because he has brought new meaning to the term "figurehead."

Also, can anyone say "single-party state"? Not that it's surprising that one party would want to be pre-eminent, but Rove talking about making the GOP the "dominant governing party in the country for a generation" is beyond frightening. No, not because it's the Republicans and their neo-conservative agenda (although that's a big part of it), it's the fact that it's a fucking single-party state. Yes, like with the PATRIOT act, we're a long ways away from Nazi Germany, but I can't help but think that this is bad.

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