Monday, March 22, 2004

As I was saying...

"The US, which said it had no prior knowledge of the attack, refused to condemn the killing..."

There's a shocker.

"... but last night moved to reassure the Arab world and Europe that it had limits to its tolerance for Israel..."

No, I'm pretty sure that we have no limits to our tolerance for Israel. Look, I understand that Israel is our ally and all, but we make no attempts to even begin to be impartial. Everyone knows full well whose side we're on, and as such, have no business trying to be mediators. Which, of course, we really aren't, but we should just fucking be up front about it and get that nonsense over with.

One question I have not yet found a satisfactory answer to: why exactly do we have no limits to our support of Israel? Some people say it's some sort of guilt complex from the Holocaust, but I just don't see us being that magnanimous. In the end, I assume it comes down to what it always does - money. They are, after all, in the Middle East, a place where we like having a foothold and influence thanks to all the oil. But there are plenty of places in the world where we have significant financial interests and we aren't this unflagging in our support. Anyone have any thoughts? If so, bust that shit out in comments or on the useless messageboard.

Just like pretty much everyone else involved in this fucking Israeli-Palestinian mess, Sheikh Yassin wasn't a good guy. But fucking killing him? That can only end badly. Any fucking moron can see that. And this, of course, is what Sharon wants. He doesn't want peace, he just wants to see dead Palestinians. There's plenty of that sentiment on both sides.

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