Friday, March 26, 2004

Of course he did. Of course. It's always nauseating to see the R smear machine go into overload. I wouldn't be surprised if he did praise the administration at one point; it's called sucking up to the boss. Also, I just love how the Rs kick and scream any time someone wants something that may be damaging to them declassified (Cheney's energy task force, 9/11 commission, just to name a couple), but they are ALL OVER THAT SHIT when they want something else declassified that they can use to their advantage.

I love Bill Frist, only I don't. He says that Clarke is "the only common denominator" in terrorism over the past ten years. Sorry, Richard, it looks like they found your al Qaeda membership card. It's pretty obscene to try and imply that one man is somehow responsible for all this shit. Even more absurd considering that Clarke has already taken some blame upon himself. As a side note, don't get too misty eyed over that admission and apology, everyone. Yeah, he is the first to take some blame and responsibility for 9/11, and that's certainly commendable. But don't think that it wasn't also a calculated maneuver. However, when Frist says that "his right, his privilege or his responsibility" were all null and void in the mea culpa, that's fucking bullshit. Thus far, we still have the rights and privileges of free (as in speech) speech. I know you fucking assholes would love to change that when it suits you, though (this goes for everyone, by the way, and not just Rs... pretty much any asshole who has said something like "well, you have a right to your opinion" or "I defend to my death your right to express yourself" when they really know that they'd love to be able to shut the other person up).

Speaking of things calculated, Frist also accuses Clarke of profiteering. I can't say I entirely argue with this. Yes, Clarke may be doing a lot of this for the right reasons, and regardless, I'm glad he's doing it. But again, don't think that he's being completely selfless and isn't looking to make some money off of this. However, considering that the Rs supported the Iraq war, which has turned into nothing but profiteering for R donors, Frist looks pretty fucking stupid lobbing that criticism. It's like, fittingly enough, the Clinton administration criticizing TB pre-9/11 on terrorism. Yes, their criticism is certainly valid, but you Clinton cocksuckers were just as lax. Clarke is looking to make a buck, but so is Halliburton. You people all fuck ass.

Finally, Scott McClellan, you probably should avoid using terms like "credibility" and "revisionist history." Just a tip from your pal here.

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