Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Finally, back to normal posting. And it's about a subject near and dear to my heart... Child pornography.

Okay, my first and only question: is the girl hot?

Seriously now. Really. This right here is just such a nice example of what's wrong with this country. Only here do we go after the girl who willingly posts pictures of herself for kiddie porn as opposed to the guys out there downloading said child porn. Maybe you guys should consider spending more time going after people downloading or making other child porn, too. Look, I know that we're normally tough on child sex abusers. Except that we allow Catholic priests to freely do what they've been doing for decades. But give me a break. Being tough on child porn is great as long as they're not coming after me, but this is ridiculous.

What the girl was doing clearly wasn't good considering how dangerous it is with all the sick fucks out there. Like me. Actually, fuck that. There are actual sickos out there who will do way more in this regime beyond just bullshitting. You know, actual sexual predators. But charging someone with child sexual abuse of themself isn't the way to go about teaching her a valuable lesson. Shit, we all sexually abuse ourselves in one way or another, but thus far it's legal as long as you don't do it in public.

I hate this place, and I also need to seriously re-evaluate the chat rooms I've been hanging out in.

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