Friday, May 28, 2004

Speaking of which... Now, this is a couple of weeks old, but it's been sitting in my fucking drafts folder so it's time to clear it out. Good timing considering the last post.

This is just so fucking sad. Oh no, digital tits and cock. How will society ever survive computerized naked people.

Posting this now is further good timing in light of today's Penny Arcade.

But what might surprise you is "Playboy" is the tamest of the nudity-enhanced games.

That... Doesn't surprise me in the least. Have you paid attention to just how fucking soft Playboy is? It's, well, about as soft as my cock is when I'm browsing an issue. I may as well be reading the fucking articles. Yes, thank you Playboy. I need to see more pictures of a bad dye-job platinum blonde with mammoth fake breasts just standing there. Pictures that, might I add, are all shots above the waist. Can we get some legs and feet in there for a fucking change? No? Thanks anyway. You can stop my phantom subscription any time.

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