Friday, May 28, 2004

You know what I can't wait for? The day when it comes out that carbohydrates are the cure for cancer. Or, better yet, that cutting your carb intake below a certain level for a certain amount of time causes cancer. I'm going to laugh. A lot.

Fuck the Atkins diet, fuck this guy suing the Atkins estate, and fuck everybody. Atkins is just so perfect for this country, a country that really does want to live by the motto of "tastes great, less filling." Yeah, you can gorge yourself on all the greasy, fatty meat you want. Where is the surprise when your cholesterol skyrockets and you're having heart problems? Just like those fat asses suing McDonald's, it's your fucking fault if you take Atkins to extremes.

Now, I don't know shit about shit. We all know this. So maybe Atkins can actually be effective. In theory, it does sound like a decent idea. I just get so sick of bullshit fads, especially ones that just enforce our laziness. Fad or not, I would imagine that if it is possible for Atkins to be effective, you have to do it in moderation, just like anything else. This, of course, conflicts with another basic element of our society - our love of excess. There's no way to win.

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