Monday, August 23, 2004

Ahh, there we go -- it's not officially a summer Olympics until Svetlana Khorkina is bitching or crying about something. I was kinda disappointed that she wasn't all boo-hooey after getting yet another not-gold medal in the individual all-around last week, but this makes up for it. As long as I know she's pissed, that makes me happy.

Eff her, that arrogant bitch. She said she was here at this, her final Olympics, to "get what was hers." Yeah, well, you got it, khor. You're like the Michelle Kwan of gymnastics, except that Michelle is both really good while at the same time being humble and down-to-earth about it. That, plus, I'd be down with having sex with Michelle Kwan, as opposed to Khorkina who'd just scare my dick to the point where it felt the need to hide in my spleen.

Despite my love for Sasha Cohen, I'd have been fine with Michelle finally getting hers, but I'd have been flaming pissed if Khorkina had gotten a gold. But she's never going to, which just fucking rules. In an interview before the all-around, Khorkina said she wanted a gold as much as she wanted to mother her own child. Well, one of out two isn't bad. Unless, of course, if she turns out sterile. Man, wouldn't that be somethin'.

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