Wednesday, August 04, 2004

We'll take the Central.... Next year.

So I've all but given up on getting my shit together and adding new links to 'blogs that are kind enough to link me. This is partly out of laziness, and partly because fucking Technorati now shows not only the links other people make to my 'blog, but also the links my blog makes to my 'blog. Namely, all the archive links on the front page. That makes it a pain in the ass to sift through and find actual incoming links. Now, I could switch to "archive monthly" to try and bring the signal-to-noise ratio up, but fuck that. Technorati's the one that sucks; why should I have to change?

Now that I think about it, not wanting to sift though the self-links also counts as laziness. Earth to short bitch: What is your fault? This is!

Anyway, maybe someday I'll get back on it and add to that list of links. Until then, this 'blog gets special mention. If for no other reason, I'm linking on the strength of this post about her cat, who she refers to as "Arthur, King of the Kittons." That's... Quite possibly the funniest thing ever. "Do not taunt happy fun blog" is a great line. And there seems to be a decent amount of drinking involved just on the front page, which we always like to see. Alas, the 'blogmaster is a Cards fan, so that ends that romance.

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