Wednesday, October 29, 2003

So here's one thing I've never ranted about before - guns.

I have kind of a soft support for gun-control legislation. Nothing so far as the repeal of the second amendment, but background checks, shit like that. I say "soft support" because I know that gun control doesn't really do all that much to stop violent crime involving guns. If someone is going to commit a crime using a gun, chances are they're willing to go the full nine and acquire that gun illegally.

Still, some ideas aren't too bad. Maybe it's not wholly effective, but things like background checks might be able to catch a few crazies who try to purchase guns. Again, that might just lead them to getting one illegally, so yeah, soft support.

One thing I have a somewhat more solid viewpoint on is banning the sale of things like military assault rifles. What the fuck do people need these things for? Oh, I know, "collectors." Of course, I stand on shaky ground, since I collect plenty of shit that people would find useless. Still, the things I collect aren't designed to kill and maim. Yes, a child could pop the head off of my yellow dress Asuka resin statue, put it in his mouth, and choke on it. But if he does that, I'll fuckin' shoot him.

Continually falling back on the Second Amendment as a reason for allowing gun ownership to be a free-for-all does piss me off, however. When the founding fathers put that together, they had fucking muskets, and really couldn't envision what we have today. The Constitution is not perfect.

Honestly, and this is a totally non-solid foundation, but I tend to be sort of anti-gun just because "gun enthusiasts" just tend to be kind of creepy and scary. This is completely stereotypical and biased, but it's not completely without basis.

Either way, tackling the problem of violent crime involving guns needs to go well beyond gun control to the point where we figure out why the fuck people are so trigger-happy in the first place.

There's no real point or conclusion to this post, but I'll leave you with something from George Carlin:

"What kind of a name for a gun nut is Wayne LaPierre? 'Hi, my name's Wayne, and I'm a gun person. Bang bang!' This guy should have a name like Biff Webster. Or Spud Crowley; a man's name. Chuck Steak."

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