Monday, November 03, 2003

For anyone who has A) noticed and B) gives a shit, yeah, things have been slow here in the past couple of days. Most people probably wouldn't think much of it with their 'blogs, but it feels weird to me considering the amount of drivel I'm capable of putting out and often do put out.

Right now, I'm in the middle of a two-day apartment hunting extravaganza, and then the next several days will involve packing. And holy hell, do I have a ton of shit for just one person. Even though I will be packing to go somewhere I want to be going, packing is always still a bitch, and procrastination will undoubtedly lead to a post or two.

Even after the move, which will hopefully go down this weekend, there's still the piecing my apartment together shit, and of course, the new job, which starts next Monday. I have no idea what things are going to look like at Fuck Everything with the new job in the picture. My guess is that the job is going to be as hard as I want it to be - the primary thing I've been hired to do is probably going to be pretty easy. However, there's all sorts of other shit that I can get involved with in this job, and I'm hoping I don't fuck up and instead take advantage of things.

I suspect that if nothing else, I will actually have shit to do during the day at the new job, unlike my semi-real job which ended in April (towards the end, at least, when this 'blog came into being) or my summer job. Both of those allowed plenty of ample time for 'blogging. I suspect that if any 'blogging during the day takes place, it will be diminished from it's previous form. This, of course, coming from the guy who said he was going to step up the 'blogging when he was unemployed at the beginning of May. I was unemployed for about two weeks, during which I did virtually no 'blogging.

I'm planning on ending the long national nightmare of not having broadband ASAP, so when I'm home at least I will probably be spending a decent amount of time. There is going to be so much fucking porn and anime that I'm going to be downloading, and undoubtedly, I will get the urge to do some 'blogging somewhere in there. Statistically, it doesn't look too bad.

So yeah, we'll see where things go. I feel awkward posting this, even narcissistic, but I feel like I should be saying something, since I know that for some fucked up reason I actually have regular or semi-regular readers. Oh well. It's not as if I'm not allowed some narcissistic license every now and then, and it's not like it hasn't happened before.

I have no conclusion for this, so I will end it with a small bow.

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