Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Here's another amusing Google search from today:

girls that can't pay rent

I'd love to know what that one was about. Is it a girl who's having trouble paying and is looking for a way to, er, supplement her income, or an asshole guy looking to take advantage of a girl who is having rent issues? Maybe it's something completely innocent, but there's no way in hell my sick mind can see those options.

I just found this extra amusing since I've spent the last two days hunting for an apartment. And it's able to be amusing since I managed to find a nice place today after not having terribly high hopes.

I'd been looking at two bedroom apartments, which sounds kinda stupid since it's just me. Sadly, however, I decided to get the Girls their own room. Well, okay, it's not just for them - but the second bedroom was pretty much going to be the toy room. I've got tons of Legos, and Micro Machines, and all sorts of other playsets I've been dying to set up somewhere and just totally litter a room with. This on top of all sorts of other crap that would do nothing but overfill my closet in a one bedroom rig.

In the end, I decided to get a one bedroom plus loft, and the loft is going to be motherfucking playland, my friends. And it is going to be good.

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