Wednesday, November 05, 2003

John appropriately refers to JList as a "financial drain." It can take no time at all to quickly put together a shopping cart that will put you in Chapter 11. And if your order isn't expensive (which it will be, and not because their prices are outrageous), shipping will be if you choose EMS. EMS stands for "Expensive Method of Shipping." It's trackable and fucking fast (I've gotten orders from fucking Tokyo shipped via EMS that took less than a week), but you take it up the ass for it. A recent order had nearly 25% of the cost in shipping alone.

However good/bad shopping there can be, you don't have to spend any money to look at their glossary of terms, presented in usual awkward JList fashion. Still, you haven't seen "awkward" in terms of written communication until you get their newsletter. A recent example had the guy who primarily runs JList talking about his daughter in Japanese girl scouts in the beginning of the message where he has a blurb about life in Japan, and then talking about DVDs with girls "fucking up a storm," bukkake, and whatnot in the second half of the e-mail dealing with webstore stock updates.

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