Tuesday, November 04, 2003

This is great, because it's so true. Fuck people in BMWs - they always act like they own the fucking road. When will they learn that I own the fucking road?

BMW drivers have as well-established an identity as people who drive Acura Integras. Integra drivers, I've noticed, are all assholes. I'm talking about the older Integras, when it was called the Integra, and not the RSX. Also, it has to be a coupe and not the four door - those people are just pussies.

I had a friend who had a flaming asshole red Integra, and this kid was a prick on the roads. He would pass people on the on ramp to the highway. He'd drive in lanes that had been coned off for construction, then cut back into regular traffic when running out of real estate. He'd do some fucking trick whereby he could practically stall the car on the highway when he was being tailgated (but, let's face it, tailgaters deserve shit like that... just not when I'm in the back fucking seat of a hatchback-turned-deathmobile). He was only one of many assholes driving an Integra.

In addition to having to deal with these misfits on the road, I was always additionally pissed about the Integra thing because I was like "Hey, I'm an asshole... Where the fuck is my Integra?" I've been planning on getting an RSX at some point in the future (which will probably be whenever my trusty Civic finally dies... not because it's a bad car, but because I have driven the living fuck out of that poor thing), and I'll see what I can do about restoring its asshole legacy.

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