Thursday, January 22, 2004

Awww, wook at the poor wittle mistweated wepubwicans. God, shut up, you whiny pussies.

First off, you're in fucking COLLEGE. At THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, colleges are typically rather liberal institutions to begin with, but you're in goddamn Boulder. If you don't want to be around a bunch of show-boatin' libs, then fucking go to school somewhere else. I'm sure Bob Jones University would be glad to have you.

CU-Boulder? Liberal? Pedro is shocked!

They're being discriminated against? SHUT THE FUCK UP. You HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DISCRIMINATION IS. If you were being discriminated against, YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A FUCKING CLUB TO BEGIN WITH!!!!! God damn it. You don't hear them crying discrimination over the fact that CU-Boulder is one of the whitest fucking places ON EARTH. And I should know - I fucking went there.

I hate white people.

Indoctrination? You've got to be kidding me. I was an engineering student, but I took a few arts and crafts arts & sciences courses. I never fucking received any indoctrination. No, my bullshit liberal attitude is all home-grown.

"I'm shocked the students would resort to this." You are? Why? Look at their republican role models - the crowd of "I'll throw a fucking tantrum if I can't get my way every single time and then use recess appointments to get what I want anyway."

This "sudden surprise" over the fact that CU has left-leaning people running around has been stewing for awhile. There was a discussion about it on a local radio station a few months back, when I think Governor Bill Dumbass was trying to push some sort of legislation to get more conservative professors into state schools. A woman called in who said she was a conservative, and had been back in college. She pointed out that being a C in the middle of all those Ls just forced her to work that much harder when arguing and trying to make a point. She took the disadvantage that these stupid fuckers are complaining about, and turned it into an advantage. Imagine that.

These fucking kids could take a cue from that woman and maybe learn a thing or two. And when I say "kids," I mean that in the harshest sense possible.

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