Sunday, January 18, 2004

In case you hadn't thought about it lately, here's a little reminder of the upcoming Eva live action movie, AKA the worst idea ever.

After reading through the comments on the link over at Slashdot, the change in characters' names hasn't been confirmed, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do change them just for the stupid gaijin audience. Shame on everyone involved with making this movie, and furthermore, FUCK everyone involved with making this movie.

Also mined from Assdot comments is this site, which posts rumors circulating about the atrocity. I think I'm so beyond anger at this point that I can now read shit like speculation that Harry Potter might play Shinji and just laugh instead of going out looking for a razor. I'm just going to try and sit back, relax, and laugh when it tanks.

To keep my sanity, I'm just going to consider Eva live action to not have anything to do with the real Eva. Much like Enterprise, which I don't consider Star Trek despite the name, Eva live action is NOT Evangelion.

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