Friday, February 06, 2004

See, this is still one of the things that I like about Dean. Granted, he's not some totally magnanimous guy, but sometimes I do get the sense that he does feel that getting Bush out (and, hence, trying to get us back on track) is priority one. There was a speech, I believe after Iowa but before New Hampshire and the shitstorm that followed, where he made mention of how he would support whoever got the D nomination in the end. It showed to me that the man, while still with some confidence and willing to work, was realistic in the sense that he knew he may not be the ultimate victor. It's not much, but still more than I see from the rest of the field.

Of course, Dean is doing what I said awhile back - namely, only admitting that he'd accept the #2 job only after reaching the point where his chance of getting the #1 job has pretty much passed. Still, the fact that he's being slightly more honest wins a couple of points in my book. I'm sure that will be a nice consolation for Mr. Dean once it's all said and done with.

"Oh, boy, I don't have a shot at being president, but some stupid loudmouthed kid said I'm slightly more honestthan everyone else. This is way better than being president of the United Fucking States."

Sorry, Howard - that's all I've got.

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