Sunday, September 28, 2003

Okay, so I think this brings the total number of times someone in mainstream media has mentioned PNAC to four.

Some weeks back, a commenter referred to the Times as a joke. Well, I wouldn't go that far. Yeah, the Times is most definitely mainstream media, and there's not really anyone in mainstream media who I would call stellar. Also, I'm not exactly a conniseur of news, as you may have noticed with frequent links to CNN (although my CNN links are more intended to get the word out on events, as opposed to showcasing great reporting). The thing I like about the NYT is that they have some decent OP-ED columnists who are not only willing to criticize the Administration, but they're doing it in the highly visible forum of the Times' editorial page.

Of course, the columnists I'm so fond of like Dowd and Krugman share many of the same opinions as I do, so I'm obviously biased. Of course, there's no reason why I should have to justify liking someone's writing based partly on the fact that I agree with them.

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