Friday, October 03, 2003

Just before leaving the house today, I got an interesting e-mail. In it, someone said they liked my 'blog, and asked me to link to their site. Now, typically, when someone sends me an e-mail like this, they're looking to swap links. This person, however, seems to have no such interest, and was merely pandering for a link in the das 'blogs section so that, in their words, they can get more readers. What do I get in exchange? HTML code to remove the blog*spot banner ad without paying.

Now, on one hand, this is flattering. Someone actually thinks that my site is popular enough that they can get some decent hits off of it. Second, I respect someone who is willing to be honest about their intentions and who goes for what they want. On the other hand, this is a pretty shitty way to go about things. Asking if you can use me for hits while only offering in return a solution to something I never considered a problem (the banner ad)? It's a nice gesture, but there's not even an offer to link back to my shitty site. How big of a whore do you think I am?

Now, maybe this guy didn't realize he was being kind of an asshole about it, in which case I'm definitely being an asshole for posting about it. But since being an asshole is what Fuck Everything is all about, we trudge forward.

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