Thursday, October 02, 2003

Okay, so I'm going to try and calm things down today after yesterday's 'blog post hemorrhage. We'll start out with some big ups to 'bloggers who have recently been caught linking to Fuck Everything.

First up is Purv, and his self-titled release Purv.

Next, we have post-fluoxetine honda encephalitis, run by a guy who, and I may be wrong about this, has a thing for motorcycles.

Sit back as we rant with Bethany, a self-described bitch who has an opinion despite being a woman, which totally turns me on.

Finally, thanks to MISS UNDERPANTS' LAND O' HAPPY for the new front-page link. For anyone who's been reading Fuck Everything long enough (which is maybe one or two people, myself not included), Miss Underpants was the first 'blog that I knew of that ever linked to me, all thanks to my penchant for using the word 'fuck.'

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