Thursday, October 02, 2003

Yeah, yeah, yeah. How much do you wanna bet that this will turn into a big "I told 'ya so!" for the administration, ignoring the fact that we were told of huge stockpiles of actual weapons exitsed, and that we needed to act because of them. Of course, over time "weapons of mass destruction" has morphed into "weapons of mass destruction programs."

I have a feeling that if weapons are found, it will happen around election time next year. Right around the time Osama and Saddam are arrested. Unless, of course, if they have to play those trump cards early to put out the fire of some other scandal.

Yes, I know I'm being a dumb-ass conspiracy theorist, but don't tell me you couldn't see things going down that way. Like remember when there was that whole shitstorm over the "16 words," and then they killed Uday and Qusay, and the "16 words" issue seemed to mostly go away, just like I predicted on July 22nd? Alright, it hasn't gone away entirely, but people really did seem to not care much about it after that.

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