Thursday, October 02, 2003

You know, I don't care if Arnold was involved in orgies, or if he was/is a regular, every-day womanizer. However, if he's one of those sexual harassment/sexual assault type womanizers, I have definite issues with him. That's in addition to the issues I already have with him because as of yet, I've seen nothing that makes him a viable candidate for governor.

The problem is that for some reason, Arnold can be an asshole prick with no sort of coherent policy for anything, and he's still going to be governor (at this rate, at least). All he has to say is that "I'm going to be a champion for women" without backing it up in any sort of way, and it's magically fine for Californians. Same goes for any other issue. I'm still convinced that those dumb fuckers over there are just going to vote for him because he's famous.

I know that not all Californians are dumb fuckers (of course, if their drivers who show up in my state are any indication...), but there just might be enough of them to make Arnold governor, and that's fucking sad. If he gets elected, I'm going to really hope that California falls into the ocean, because they're going to fucking deserve it.

While we're on the subject of the recall, why is Arianna Huffington so hated? I've gotten lots of Google hits thanks to my mentioning and endorsement of Arianna, and lots of them come in the form of searches for "fuck arianna huffington." My guess is that they aren't looking for something sex-related, either. Then, I'm watching Leno last night, and he's talking about how Arianna dropped out, and there's a whole bunch of cheering. All I can figure is that people hate her because she's A) a woman who B) speaks with an accent but C) isn't a movie star and D) isn't a big fan of "politics as usual" who isn't afraid to say unpopular things. Again, I just think Californians are fucking morons.

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