Sunday, September 28, 2003

I found this posted over at On topic except when I'm not!, and decided to throw my two cents in.

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A Caucasian club? You've got to be kidding me. We already have a Caucasian club. It's called America.

"I'm trying to break racial barriers." By erecting barriers?

They're drafting a constitution for the club? Yeah, it'll be written up just as soon as Lisa finishes her book, entitled Mein Kampf Mit Gewichtverlust (My Struggle With Weight Loss).

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Okay, here's what's wrong with this "Caucasian club" bullshit. Sad that I have to spell it our for you, Lisa, you dumb little bitch, as well as your even dumber mother (who should know better, since she's an adult) and probably equally dumb principal (again, a supposed adult).

You see, when blacks, or Latinos, or Asians form clubs, it's different from when whites form clubs. Why is it different? Because these are minority groups who have dealt with a lot of bullshit from whites, for starters. Minorities form groups so that they can more easily come together with people of a similar heritage. When a Black Student Union forms or a Latinos Unidos congregates, it's not sending out the message of "Whites not allowed," it's sending out the message of "Individuals of similar heritage unite." When whites get together and create special whites-only clubs, it sends out a blatant message of "No non-whites allowed." There isn't always symmetry in equality.

Furthermore, you don't need a special club for whites because there are already so many fucking white people out there already in this country. Oh, and as one of the interviewees pointed out, studying your "white heritage" isn't exactly going to yield a lot of proud moments. Well, I guess that's a matter of perspective. I'm sure some people feel pride in thinking about their ancestors spreading infectious diseases to Native Americans and taking their land and then killing Mexicans to take more land all while enslaving blacks to work on that land and working Asians to death to create railroads to connect those conquered lands. Just to name some examples from American history.

Finally, I've found that oftentimes when someone has to fly the flag of "I'm not a racist," they're usually a racist.

For fuck's sake, white people. Get over yourselves, and start realizing that your actions have implications and undertones that other people are going to pick up on.

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