Friday, August 22, 2003

Yeah, but just because IBM is investing heavily in Linux and Open Source doesn't mean they have to lie about things. I use OpenOffice occasionally, and it's adequate, but not all that great. The open source community needs an MS Office replacement if it hopes to make any gains. I'm sorry, but that's the reality of things. People are too used to MS if nothing else, and getting them to switch to something that "mostly works" and doesn't have as many Office-type features is going to be difficult.

Look, this isn't to bash OpenOffice developers or open source devlopers in general. They have done some impressive fucking work, and I know it takes time to catch up with big things like Office. The problem is, people get too lost in idealism and ideology. Yes, Linux and open source projects are nice, oftentimes free of monetary cost, and developed by people who really do care about software quality. The average consumer, however, has proven that he gives less than a shit about these things. He wants something simple, easy to use, and preferably something he's already using. Give him a higher version number, whether it means anything or not, and he's probably happy.

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